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Take control of your online presence, Sqimple is so simple! Easy to use, powerful, and customizable.

What is Sqimple?

Sqimple is a custom tailored Content Management System (or CMS) designed by us to help you manage and run your website with ease, it's as simple as click and edit! no tricky HTML or programming knowledge required! We have done the hard work so you don't have to.

What is a Content Management System

Before the early 1990's each page and all of it's content had to be manually hand coded by a webmaster who possessed the skills to undertake the daunting task. This old way of managing your website was extremely heavy on time and pocket! Until the web community realised we could just have a program that handles all of the tricky coding for us whilst we can sit back and focus on other important factors like design, functionality and creating quality content.

With this said It means that even with little to no technical knowledge you can build your website up how you like, add, edit content and manage every aspect of your website with ease, when I say with ease I'm talking sqimply click and edit on any area or section on your website. Something that could of taken hours to code will only take you a few seconds!

Why do I need a Content Management System?

So you've made that crucial leap into getting your name or business online, maybe even thinking about pushing your business into eCommerce? Well It's 2013 and the web is getting easier and easier to use for website admins and users alike. So let's say you wanted to create an online store for your business, you have your website designed by us with some basic functionality like pages and categories then we'll leave the rest up to you. Add your content let it fall into place and watch your website grow! So as another example let's say I had a website for my business and we had changed our office location or had expanded, you would easily want to be able to edit or add this information on your website without having to contact your website company, win/win right?