Adding Content

Below is a small tutorial on adding content, you will find yourself using the Rich Text widget for 98% of content. Although you can refer to our full list of widgets to get help with others.

  1. Login to Sqimple
  2. Click on Website from the drop down menu in the left hand side of the page.
  3. Click on Content Pages
  4. Select the page you wish to add content to. For example I'm going to use "Contact Us"
  5. Once you have selected the page you wish to add content to you will be able to choose where it will be positioned. Since I'm using a Two Column page I only have two options left or right, I'm going to add content to the right.
    Note: Read more here on Columns
  6. From here you will be presented with a list of Widgets, I'm going to go ahead and add Rich Text to my page.
    Note: Read more here on Rich Text Editor
  7. Now I can begin adding content to my page.
  8. Once all your information is added on the page go ahead and click Save This is how it will be displayed on my page
    Note: your page will not be live until you click websitemod_07.jpg only Publish your pages once you have completed your content.