The users area is where you can edit, delete or add existing logins for anyone administering your website

On this page:

  1. Edit a user
  2. Add a user
  3. Access Levels

Edit a user

  1. Once you've logged into Sqimple
  2. Navigate to Users from the drop down menu on the left 
  3. In here you will see a list of all the current users who have access to Sqimple
  4. Click on the users name in the list or the edit icon on the right edit.jpg
  5. From here you can edit
    • Details
      • Username
      • First Name 
      • Last Name
      • Email
      • User Type
    • Summary
      • See when they were last logged in
    • Password
    • Modules
      • Grant or restrict the users access to Modules 
    • Lock Account
      • Locks the users account, it can be unlocked at any time by using the same button

Add a user

  1. To add a new user click users0.jpg
  2. You will be presented with a page giving you some options for the new user
    • First name
      • The first name of the user
    • Last name
      • The surname of the user
    • Email address
      • The email address of the user, this is important for resetting lost passwords and receiving important notifications
    • Access Level 
      • Defines the users access level to what they can edit and create on the website
        read more here on Access Levels
    • Username
      • The username used to login
    • Password
      • The password used to login
        You will be required to confirm this
  3. Once you have filled out the options for your new user click save0.jpg
  4. Your new user will now be active

Access Levels

  • Admin
    to be defined
  • Owner
    to be defined
  • Designer
    to be defined
  • Editor
    to be defined
  • Basic Editor
    to be defined
  • Guest
    to be defined