Media Library

The media manager is a repository of all your images, documents, basically anything you want people to view on your website. This area can get very full, very quickly, so it is important to keep it clean and organised. Please see below to go into further detail.

Actions Explained

Edit Edit


  • Allows you to change the Name and Caption of the file.
  • If the file is an image you will have the options of resizing and cropping


  • Allows you to make the file private and only accessible to a certain group
    see more here on Contact Groups


  • Gives you the direct URL of the file to share with others

DragnDrop Drag and Drop/Move

  • Click and hold on this action to move files or folders

Download Download

  • Downloads the file to your local computer

Delete Delete

  • Deletes the file 

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Do not optimize? What is that?

By default when you're uploading images they will be "Optimized" for web, reducing the image quality and file size for faster load times, remove the Alpha Channel (bytes reserved in image files for transparency) and also convert them to jpegs.

If you have small resolution images, have transparent images or just wish to preserve image quality make sure you click "Do not optimize" before you upload.

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It is good practise to properly organise your files within your Media Library that reflects the structure of your website so that anyone who might be editing or adding content can easily navigate, find files and upload to corresponding folders.

Note: The way you structure your files within Sqimple's Media Library will not affect your sites functionality. Creating folders inside the Media Library will not create physical directories, but more like 'virtual folders'


Organising and moving media

Organising your files and folders is quite easy with the drag and drop function DragnDrop

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Uploading Images & Documents

  1. Login to Sqimple
  2. Choose Media Library from the top left hand drop down menu.
  3. from here I'm going to click media_library_02.jpg and name my New Folder 'Home'.
  4. From here I'll click into the 'Home' folder I created and create another folder called 'Slider' because these images will be within your Home pages 'Image Slider'.
  5.  Once you have created your folder and are in the folder you wish store your photos click  adding_img_02.jpgin the top right hand side of the page.
  6. Navigate to where you have the images saved on your computer, select your images and hit 'Open'. Your images should now be uploaded and organised properly, ready for use on pages.

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